UK Extremes for Yesterday from the Met Office


Highest temperature 11.3 °C Bude
Lowest maximum temperature 4.0 °C Emley Moor
Lowest temperature -1.4 °C Cranwell
Most rainfall 23.6 mm Cardinham
Most sunshine 6.5 hrs Manston

London & South East England

Highest temperature 9.0 °C St Catherines Point
Lowest maximum temperature 5.7 °C High Wycombe
Lowest temperature 1.4 °C Charlwood
Most rainfall 0.4 mm Kenley
Most sunshine 6.5 hrs Manston

Other Regions

Highest Temperature:
Lowest max. Temperature:
Lowest Temperature:
Most Rainfall:
Most sunshine:

Last update:

About Met Office extremes

Max temp, lowest max temp are 0900 to 2100 on the date shown
Min temp, most rainfall, sunniest are 2100 previous day to 0900 on the date shown
Note that these readings are provisional and subject to change.