• Site: New Forest Weather opened on its current semi rural site near Ashurst in November 2014, having relocated from  nearby West Totton.
    • Equipment: The personal weather station consists of a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus with UV and Solar sensors. The rain collector was upgraded in 2017 to the latest Aerocone style, more accurate due to improved airflow in windy weather. The associated wireless anenometer  is mounted at approximately 7m height on the garage roof. 
    • An Instromet Sunshine Sensor was added in May 2019 with associated data logger.
    • Davis Daytime FARS (Fan Aspirated Radiation Shield) fitted Feb 2020 to station to improve accuracy of daytime temperature readings. Solar powered fan fitted within shielding louvres draws air through to improve ventilation around temp/humidity sensor.
    • Live and updated images are provided 24 hours a day by a Foscam 19900p. webcam.
    • Air Quality  module built using a Nova SDS sensor and fitted outside in June 2020. Updates every 2 minutes.
    • Data is collated via a Davis Vantage Vue console, processed using Cumulus software and uploaded in real time.

Anemometer and sunsensor, pole mounted.

Anemometer and Sun Sensor

Image of Davis Vantage Vue console

Vantage Vue console

Davis VP2 Plus

Davis VP2 Plus

Instromet sun sensor

Instromet Sun Sensor

Air Quality Sensor box

Air Quality Sensor Box