Met Office FAX Charts

MetOffice FAX Charts  (from T+24h to T+120h)

T+48 Hours

T+48 Hours

T+48 Hours
T+60 Hours
T+72 Hours
T+84 Hours
T+96 Hours
T+120 Hours

Chart Update Information

  • Analysis charts are usually available by 03:20. 09:20, 15:20 and 21:20
  • 24-hour forecasts are usually available by 05:20. 11:20, 17:20 and 23:20
  • T+36 and T+48 forecasts by 06:20/18:20 UTC
  • T+60 and T+72 forecasts by 07:20/19:20 UTC
  • T+84 forecasts are only issued once a day at about 09:30 UTC
  • T+96 and T+120 forecast are only issued once a day, based on 12:00UTC data, usually available after 23:20 UTC